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As a specialist, our manufacturing facilities are subject to the relevant treaties monitoring, and thus under constant and independent control by its authorized experts. Our range of supply covers the entire range from standard equipment for individually designed objects. We not only supply specific equipment, such as mixing, pumping and circulating facilities, tempering devices, as well as professional set of systems of control and management, but we also check all the components installation for the protection of labour, life, and energy consumption. We also guarantee high quality standard, with our view on the economic aspect, the operating costs of the equipment.
Our Design
Storing and handling of solids are also included in our scope of installations. Depending on the specific product requirements, our storage tank farms and are made from different quality materials. Steel and stainless steel are used together with synthetic material. Also glass fiber reinforced plastics with or without internal lining is a proven material for the construction of the tank farm.
We design ground and underground storage tank farms for all kinds of hazardous substances. In addition to the General system components for polyurethane production, such as Polyols, Isocyanate and Pentane, we also work on other parts of the chemical industry, including solvents, adhesives, resins, acids, and bases.

Our Mission & And Values

The history of B-TRANS SHIPPING / STORAGE LLC goes back to the Oil Fleet Agency, which was established in 2016. In 1938, the agency was spun off into a separate state-owned company, called B-TRANS SHIPPING / STORAGE LLC . Its mandate was to ship crude oil and oil products, primarily coming from the Baku oil fields, from the Caspian port of Astrakhan to Russia's industrial centers along the Volga and Kama. The service turned out to be highly important during the Second World War, when most of the railway lines connecting the Caucasus with Central Russia were cut by enemy action in 1942. Fifty-nine of the company's barges were sunk or damaged during the war, primarily by Luftwaffe's bombs and mines, with the loss of 123 sailors.

Besides its traditional Baltic and Black Sea export directions, in the 2003 B-TRANS SHIPPING / STORAGE LLC resumed using the White Sea-Baltic Canal. The plan was to transport 800,000 tons of fuel oil this way, for transfer to Latvian seagoing tankers at a floating transfer station near the Osinki Island in the Onega Bay, 36 km north-east of the port of Onega. The next year plans were for 1,500,000 tons.

Soon after the war, the company also started transporting oil from Russia's so-called "Second Baku" - the oil fields in Bashkiria and eastern Tatarstan. As oil refineries were built along the Volga and its tributaries (e.g. at Ufa, Kstovo, and Syzran), their products, too, were taken to the markets throughout Russia by B-TRANS SHIPPING / STORAGE LLC , The Volga-Baltic Waterway and Volga-Don Canal made it possible to deliver oil and oil products to Soviet ports on the Baltic, Azov and Black Seas as well. As of 1965, the company transported 3 million metric tons of oil and oil products per year. That year, B-TRANS SHIPPING / STORAGE LLC boats also started transporting oil directly to Finnish ports.

Our purpose of vision and strategy are fully aligned with achieving Standik Tank Farm vision, executing our Group's strategy and living our values. Our strategy is to:
- Appreciate and respect the contribution of our employees at every level and location throughout the organisation
- Provide a safe, healthy and stimulating work environment which encourages innovation and ideas for improvement so that everyone can make a difference
- Maintain our position as one of the best companies to work for in all countries where we operate
- Successfully recruit, retain and develop our employees to realise their full potential
- Recognise and reward employee performance and commitment
- Celebrate success at an individual, team and regional level