What We Do

Storage | Logistics
As a specialist, our manufacturing facilities are subject to the relevant treaties monitoring, and thus under constant and independent control by its authorized experts. Our range of supply covers the entire range from standard equipment for individually designed objects. We not only supply specific equipment, such as mixing, pumping and circulating facilities, tempering devices, as well as professional set of systems of control and management, but we also check all the components installation for the protection of labour, life, and energy consumption. We also guarantee high quality standard, with our view on the economic aspect, the operating costs of the equipment.
Our Design
Storing and handling of solids are also included in our scope of installations. Depending on the specific product requirements, our storage tank farms and are made from different quality materials. Steel and stainless steel are used together with synthetic material. Also glass fiber reinforced plastics with or without internal lining is a proven material for the construction of the tank farm.
We design ground and underground storage tank farms for all kinds of hazardous substances. In addition to the General system components for polyurethane production, such as Polyols, Isocyanate and Pentane, we also work on other parts of the chemical industry, including solvents, adhesives, resins, acids, and bases.


We have our Logistics Team always available in all our storage Ports. They show the SGS Team exactly where our tanks are and also assist them conduct the Dip Test before the expense of the injection..

Crude Oil and petrochemical trace analysis is often complex. Our chemical testing services include routing analysis and detection of organic compounds with up to trace and ultra-trace ranges even for complex sample matrices. Oil and petrochemical waste testing includes the analysis, detection and identification of the remains and the experience is regularly deployed to solve the problems of the industry.
OUR OFFICE ARE LOCATED IN MOSCOW, with large operations in the Baltic Sea and all terminals in Rotterdam and Houston via our joint terminal venture storage companies in Rotterdam and Houston ports. Our Company has all necessary licenses of the Transport Ministry Department of Sea and River Transport of Russian Federation to carry out its activity either on Russian inland waterways or at sea and foreign sea ports.
Transportation of project cargoes |

Working in the market of transportation of project and oversize cargo for more than one decade, the company has gained tremendous experience and knowledge in the field of transportation of such goods.
Transportation of general cargo

The company conveys a broad spectrum of general and bulk cargoes along the international and inland routes: metal and metal products, construction goods, fertilizers, grain crops, containerized cargo and a number of other unique goods as ship consignments from 1500 to 7000 tons.

Our fleet is fully compliant with the latest requirements of all applicable international instruments of IMO. The ships may be used both in sea areas and in inland waterways. Their dimensions and draft make it possible to engage in transportation within the river systems of Russia and the European states and all over the world